Delightful photography for tired walls

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Hi, I’m Joel.

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Some people travel to relax.

Fun to me is getting to a scenic sunrise destination three hours before less-prepared tourists so I can get situated for the perfect shot without having to fight a throng of sweaty people for tripod supremacy. Then drinking a few glasses of port before lunch. Then taking a nap.

And what I’ve learned is that it all gets expensive — the trips, the port, everything — so I’ve made the not-so-difficult decision to start selling the photography I’m taking anyway.

Now imagine this: you could be sitting in your office/dining room/bathroom being showered in the majestic colors of the world. The scorching reds of Sedona, the deepest blues of the Mediterranean, the forest greens of… the forest. But instead, your wall is bare, desperately calling out for color. For life. To be looked at lovingly instead of feeling threatened by the open-concept remodels it sees on HGTV.

Your wall needs this. You need this. My wine glass needs this.

Buy a print.

— Joel