Joel Cleare is a consummate landscape photographer who works with creativity and resourcefulness in making visual memories that delights the world. He is passionate about picturing the beauty, strength, style, and enthusiasm of people and places. Handling a camera offers him a chance to capture an exact vision to share with others; so he travels around the globe with the goal of showcasing his work to the world.

Joel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Information systems from University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He is happily married and has two beautiful girls – a family he enjoys spending quality time with Gilbert, Arizona. Joel has been a firefighter for the city of Mesa for nine years now. His motivation to become a firefighter spawns from the love he has to give back to his community. As a community enthusiast, he never relents in protecting the public in emergency situations. 

He discovered that photography is simply the platform he can express himself because this is the area that inspires him the most in life. Going through several years of trial and error, he became a self-taught photographer and today, he has learned to make photography enjoyable for himself by practicing it as a recreational activity. Joel is the right person you need to effortlessly turn your concepts or imaginations into exceptional concrete visuals. He captures the essence of products, events, and people. What makes his images stand-out is his extraordinary display of talents that immerses the viewers in a long-lasting impression of visual experience.

Joel is a digital nomad who enjoys hanging a camera around his shoulder wherever he goes to document his travels and the scenery along the way. He has traveled the entire Southwest of the United States. He has also been to Portugal, Iceland, Italy, and New Zealand.  Typically, Joel travels internationally twice a year for photography. His talent in capturing aesthetically-pleasing images is uncontainable and has no boundaries. As a freelance photographer, his editing style as his client would describe is unique and also skillfully and meticulously balanced.

He takes pride in his job as an artist as he proficiently combines a perfect blend of color combinations to produce a brilliant and captivating image. His goal is to gain job success; so he works tirelessly to give his clients complete satisfaction. Joel also strives to offer a friendly and personal service to people, capturing the most beautiful moments of their lives. He drives towards preserving time… each moment… making each memory stay put for you!

His passion for photography is beyond transforming things on the camera, he also inspires people’s mind daily with his work.

Joel currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona but his services are available worldwide.